About us

A family of collectors founds collection of modern Ural stone carvings in 2010. It totals more than 60 volumetric mosaics created since 2008.

The basis of the collection is works of two Ural workshops - stone-cutting studio “Svyatogor” and A. Antonov’s Creative Workshop. Densely cooperating with the largest Ural stone carvers associations, collectors promote the development of traditional applied art and help masters to come to a new professional level.

The thematic range of the collection covers fairy tales and authentic heritage of Russia, world history and cultural plots.

A separate movement is drawn up by public awareness campaign: stone carving books publishing, exhibition organization, carrying out of scientific researches, popularization of Ural stone carving art in Russia and throughout the world.

Ural stone carvings exhibition “Legends and fairy tales in Ural stone carvings” took place in 2015. It was the first exhibition of this kind for many years in Europe. The exposition was displayed in Lichtenstein and Basel. The edition of the book-catalog, which won a special award in the competition “The Best Books of Liechtenstein 2015” is dedicated to it.

The second exposition of the series “Heroes. History in Ural Stone Carving” was presented in 2016 in Liechtenstein National Museum. That was also when the second volume of the book-catalog was presented.

You can obtain additional information, discuss cooperation and exhibition organization by phone and e-mail:

+7922 113 3773